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Pumpkin Hooch - How to

  1. Buy a pumpkin truck

  2. Install your Moonshine Distill in the same city as where your pumkin truck is.
    The main point here is your distill and your pumpkin truck should be in the same city - whichever city you choose.

  3. After 5mins, when your distill is installed, you will observe two icons in the distill box, one for moonshine and one for Hooch.

  4. Click on the Hooch to select your production to be for Hooch instead of moonshine.

  5. and then now you can click on Start production

  6. WARNING: After every production, you need to re-select the Hooch icon if you want to continue producing Hooch, as by default it will be selected on Moonshine.

  7. You can now ship your Hooch to any city using ANY CAR, no need for the pumkin truck to ship.

-- Q/A --

Q: Does the number of pumpkin truck I possess have an impact of how much Hooch production I get

A: No, only one pumpkin truck is enough

Q: Do I need to use a pumpkin truck to transport the pumpkin Hooch?

A: No, you can use any car

PS: Answer verified via helpdesk interaction
Last update: Thu 11 Nov 2021

Q: Will the pumpkin truck be available again?

A: No the pumpkin truck was a special event. We will no more get to steal a pumpkin truck. So all pumpkin trucks on stores are the last ones.

PS: Answer verified via helpdesk interaction with Elite council
Last update: Thu 11 Dec 2021