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log-2022.04.24 - 01

Today, Sunday, I completed mission 10 and started m11.
Had a cool partner for m10.. the importance of having a partner who is focused and sharp is key to the success of m10,
but mostly also for you to enjoy this brief moment as m10 is one of the most stupid and boring mission ever in this game.

So we succeeded on attempt#10. We got a Braxton - I had to repair it and cost me 68K to repair it.
At this point I do not know what to do with that Braxton, keeping it safe in my garage for now.

I also made new friends today and learned quite some stuffs which I did not know was possible in this game.

PS: Wishing everyone a good start of the Week (Week 17 on world-calendar) and a rocking Monday, Aye!