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Cars to use for OC

I asked on the forum. My preference based on replies and personal OC practice, here's my top 3.

But of course, I would guess that if you have a Prestige a higher Prestige car, I would use that, but these are rare and expensive to get. So here are my top 3 cars:

These 3 are cheaper, easier to get, AND gives the nice 99% chance on OCs:

  1. Chamalet Phaeton (Prestige 1)
  2. Auclair GSS (Prestige 2)
  3. Porter v8

While using them, I found out that:
The Auclair takes less damage during an OC, but the 4%-8% damage that it takes will make you incur around $12K expense to repair it

While the Chamalet takes more damages during an oc, mine went as far as 48% damage. But the good thin here is it took only $2.5K to repair it. So I'm going to use C.Phaeton whenever I can for the oc.