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Notoriety Explained

The amount of notoriety points you get from a meal in AC depends on a number of factors; rank, vehicle, and the day.


This goes by your influence... see your racket allowance to keep track, but for now, here are the amounts.....
Gangster - 2
Hitman - 4
Assassin - 5
Boss - 8
Rboss - 10
GF - 13
LGF - 15
Don - 25
Rdon - 43
Ldon - 60


Each car has a prestige value, this influence the amount of notoriety points you get.
Prestige 1-2; 1x
Prestige 3; 2x
Prestige 4; 3x
Prestige 5; 4x


You get a 2x multiplier for Fridays and Saturdays.

So... if you're ranked LDon, use a Prestige 4 car and it's a Friday you'll get 360 notoriety points.

// Notoriety Point Multiplier //

Bridgette's meal gives notoriety points,arriving in higher prestige car gives bigger reward.
Check the store for a full run down.
You can also buy perks to make it harder to be found or faster travel..etc