iTrader | Bootleggers

Hey bootleggers fam!

This is iTrader from the bootleggers rpg game. This personal space is where I blog my thoughts.

I write about:
  1. - my daily logs
  2. - all articles for round 11
  3. - for tips, tricks and FAQ
  4. - for interviews with players, mods..etc
  5. - for curating thoughts or pieces of content from the game - e.g: when a player posted a message that is informative..etc.

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Safe carry amount per rank

// Limit to not exceed when travelling with booze

Last round below gave 2% chance of being caught:

50 scum
100 pee wee
150 thug
250 gangster
350 hitman
500 assassin
750 boss
1000 r.boss
1250 gf
1500 lgf