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How does Auto Theft Skill work?

Auto theft skill works to upgrade your auto theft success percentage

Unlike crimes, you don't have to work on an individual auto theft option to upgrade its skill percentage - instead you have to get your Auto Theft Skill level up... all Auto Theft attempts will add to your skill level, the more you do - the higher your skill will be.

At Auto Theft Skill level 7~ you will find that the
Low Income Neighbourhood option is consistently 50% success rate...

At Auto Theft Skill level 13, you will find that
Middle Class Neighbourhood is consistently 50% success rate.

At Auto Theft Skill level 17, you will see that the 5-star downtown hotel is consistently at a 50% success rate...

As you can see, you don't have to do the individual auto theft options to upgrade the success rate. Your overall skill will do that.

The final option, Fine Dining Restaurant, is one you cannot visualise but I'll try and explain a little more about it...

It will always remain <1% however it will also continually improve til level 20 (max). The success % also changes dependant on the car which is available...

For example (these figures may not be accurate, but represent how it works)

Both the same car, both different %, both <1%.

Another example, with a rarer car... if a Phaeton LaRue was to pull up...

Again, both scenarios are the same car, and both % are <1%. However, this time we can see it is much less likely to steal this car versus the limo.

All of this information comes directly from Kyle/mods, when I asked him/them about it last round..