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Categorizing activities by rank XP

Activities giving Rank XP

  1. Booze run
  2. OC
  3. Car theft
  4. Jail busting
  5. petty crimes
  6. Shooting/killing

I have tried to rank them in order of weightage, with 1) being the highest rank xp giver.

The findings and askings..

On my previous article about Jail busting success rate, player Maniac said:

All activities give xp. The amount of xp varies, though.

I am not sure if there is clear indication of which activities give higher ranking xp.

This is entirely understood through game play experience.

So I asked on the forum so that we (the players) could collaborate to list activities and their precedence in giving ranking experience?

Curation of interactions

It is all relative.
If you do an oc with 3 Ldons, it's worth more xp than 3x hitman.
Similarly, 10x diamond crimes are worth more than 10x smuggled cigs crimes.
Killing an Ldon will give more xp than a gangster.
Killing an LDon would likely be worth more than doing a mid-high rank oc...

Credit: player Maniac


Player Complexity shared the following feedback:

Car Theft gives more Xp than you think, I know someone who just did GTA too don and ranked faster than the guys smashing crimes

I confirmed with him if the above was actually something concrete and he said:

Indeed 100%. They both did a test from LGF-Don. One did just crimes, the other one Gta. The guy did 4,000 Cars stolen and ranked before the guy doing crimes