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Hey bootleggers fam!

This is iTrader from the bootleggers rpg game. This personal space is where I blog my thoughts.

I write about:
  1. - my daily logs
  2. - all articles for round 11
  3. - for tips, tricks and FAQ
  4. - for interviews with players, mods..etc
  5. - for curating thoughts or pieces of content from the game - e.g: when a player posted a message that is informative..etc.

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Latest 3 Posts

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  3. log-2022.04.24 - 02

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Latest 10 Tips

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  5. Diamonds
  6. Bartender Perks & Benefits Across Levels
  7. How does Auto Theft Skill work?
  8. How to get 2x Vault
  9. Categorizing activities by rank XP
  10. Jail busting success rate

More tips can be found in the FAQ section.